Mouse1/Left Ctrl (fire1): shoot eyeball/restart the game


Hit eyeballs

Destroy eyeballs for lots of points


When an eyeball slides across your base line, you lose the game.

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I played this as part of my Weird Games Showcase and unfortunately I think I broke it :C The eyes wouldn't eject from the cannon properly and reinstalling didn't help. If it wasn't just me and you manage to fix it, please get in touch with me so I can play it again.

Hey Finn!

I'm sorry about that, I've never seen that happen for anyone else before. I'll see if I can fix it as soon as possible. I'll get in touch with you soon.

And thank you for trying to showcase my game! That's so cool :D

Hey Finn!

It should work for you now if you download it again.

What I believe happened: When moving eyeballs slow down enough, they will expand. There is a triple check to see if it is stopped or almost stopped. You were processing so fast that it checked the velocity 3 times before it even started moving. I was able to reproduce the problem by changing the Graphics Quality to "Fastest". I updated the velocity check to check 100 times, which will slow it down slightly on "Fantastic" Graphics Quality, but it should fix your problem. :) I'll make a better fix later when I have more time, so that there isn't a problem for different graphics capabilities.

Thank you again for playing my game. If you upload a new gameplay video and it works, I'd like to link it on this page, if that is okay with you.

Regards, Max

I felt it only right I give it a proper shot, so it made it into the next video (:

Simple, fun, to the point. A great example of what kind of game it takes to succeed at a game jam.