Gimme Friction Baby

Howdy everybody!

Now that Eye Bowl is gaining a little popularity I should make a few things clear.

First and foremost, Eye Bowl was heavily inspired by an amazing Flash Game called "Gimme Friction Baby" Originally, what I set out to do was recreate the core gameplay elements of that game and add features I thought would really improve the game. Like power ups and levels with different themes. I was making this game at a local competition with a 48 hour deadline and I didn't finish in time to add the cool features I wanted to. The result is a lot more derivative than I wanted.

All code for Eye Bowl was written by me, art was drawn by my friend Elizabeth and there are a few royalty free assets thrown in as well (e.g. music).
If this game becomes more popular, I will absolutely add more features to really make this game my own.

If this game makes any money I will reach out to the creator of "Gimme Friction Baby" and ask him if he has concerns of his intellectual property. Until then, I will credit him often on the gameplay elements he wisely created.

Donations made on this game's page are entirely optional and intended to fund future games and original creations by me.

I look forward to sharing my new games with you in the future :)

Kind Regards,


P.S. My Eye Bowl high score is: 639

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