What if Eye Bowl was good?

Hi everyone,

Max here. Developer of EyeBowl. I've played around for a year and three months now. Looking into making other games, submitting for game jams and overall just trying to figure out what my next step is. I've committed to making EyeBowl a professional grade game. I've been talking to an SEO (marketing) expert to help me figure out how to make my hobby a career. Right now we're experimenting with taking out ads (directing you to my game, not putting ads in my game)  and analytics. I want to learn two things:

1. How to get people to try my game.
2. How much they like the game.

What's next for EyeBowl? Plans are subject to change, but:

  1. Gameplay changes
    1. Semi-auto, why should you wait? Multiple eye projectiles. It opens the door for cool trick shots. 
    2. Fast forward button, most feedback I got was that nobody liked waiting. That seems like a fair reques
  2. New theme
    1. The pixel art will have a fond place in my heart, but I think we need some professional grade graphics.
    2. New graphics might mean a new theme. Eyeballs will probably be something else in the future, and the name of the game will probably change too. I personally want to keep the halloween theme
  3. New sound
    1. Music, voices, sounds. I might keep the music, just because I love it but I want to add some professional sound too.

There are more things I'm going to add, but this list seems like a reasonable commitment for now.

I love you guys, I love your feedback and I really want to make you guys a great game. 

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